31 Type of Tourist | Type of Tourism | Tourism industry | PART-01

31 Type of Tourist | Type of Tourism | Tourism industry | PART-01

31Types of Tourists | The Adventurer | Types of Traveler | Types of Tourists | Types of Tourism | PART-01

31 पर्यटन के प्रकार
Types Of Tourist

At present, the tourism sector has become so big that it affects the gross domestic product (GDP) of many countries, so almost all countries of the world keep trying to attract more and more tourists to their country.

Tourism is a very big area in itself and in today’s time, its many formats are in vogue. In today’s time, when a person goes to travel, that a person is also defined differently in the field of tourism as there is a common perception in the field of tourism that if a person with limited resources and limited funds and any other If he travels with less dependence on the person, then he will be called a traveller.

If a person travels with the help of a tourist agency, he is called a tourist. In the first part of the type of tourists and types of tourism, I would like to tell you about some types of tourists or travellers, which are the most prevalent in today’s time. In this article, I will try to tell you about some types of travellers who are more wandering, solo travellers or you can say that they like to travel more excitingly.

Bike Riders

Bike Rider

This type of tourist has been prevalent in western countries for many years, but in India, the number of bike riders has seen an increase in just a few years and the credit goes to the Internet.

In today’s time, bike riding is so popular that almost all motorcycle manufacturers make bikes keeping in mind the bike riders. Today, there are many groups of bike riders in India and there are many bike riders who prefer to ride alone.

Bike riders prefer to travel to inaccessible or scenic places for their journey. Their travel duration may be more or limited. If most of the riders in the group are working then the last days of the week are selected for the ride and the distance of the ride.

It is also limited, for big and long rides, the members of the group get out of their work and office, but such big rides these people head throughout the year They do only once or twice.

The Solo Rider is completely different from the group of riders, the Solo Rider goes on a ride any time of the year and their travel duration is not fixed. If you want to become a bike rider, then I will write a whole separate post for this, so that you will know what you need to do to become a bike rider and what accessories a bike rider must-have.

Cross Country

Cross Country

It is a form of travel in which the traveller travels from his country to many other countries, for such a journey the traveller travels to one or more countries.

The passenger uses his personal vehicle to travel, the vehicle may have a bike or car. It depends entirely on the passenger. Before doing cross country, you have to take care of a lot of things like your passport, international license, visa, and your vehicle document.

After all these things, you have to decide the route of the journey before starting your journey. To do cross country, you have to prepare for at least six months, then a person can go and get ready for cross country. If you want to do cross country, then for the complete information about it, I will write a separate post in which I will try to share all the things related to cross country with you.

Photographer Tourist | Photographer Tours

The Photographer

When a person interested in photography travels to a particular place for the purpose of photography then it is placed in the category of photography tourism.

In the category of photography tourism mostly people who travel for their interest or photography of their choice like – Wildlife photography, nature photography, landscape photography, cultural and food photography are many categories for which a photographer travels.

Adventure Tourist | Adventure Tourism

The Adventurer

It is a type of travel in which there is always the possibility of an accident, small or big, but even then people like to take an adventurous journey, you have to be physically and mentally strong enough to do such a journey. Is necessary. Most of the adventurers prefer to roam around the most inaccessible or least visited places of the world.

Mostly these people would prefer to roam in such places, dense forests, vast mountainous areas, desert areas, and snowy areas. Such adventure trips include activities such as mountaineering, trekking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, scuba diving, rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, paragliding, hiking, exploring, canning, sandboarding, caving, and rock climbing. Can.

In recent years, the revolution on the Internet has helped a lot in increasing the number of people travelling like this, especially this can be attributed to Google Map.



Backpacking travel is currently the most preferred travel method among youth. Backpacking for travel is the least expensive and best way to travel independently. Backpacking is very popular among the youth, but gradually this method of travelling is being liked among the retired and old people also.

The way backpackers travel is very different from traditional travel methods such as – using public transport, stopping at cheap hostels, using smartphones and the internet for paths and maps, and the travel duration of backpackers is much longer than normal travel it occurs.

Most backpackers come from Europe, America, and Asia continents. The main purpose of backpacking is how you can have a good and memorable journey in a low cost and real way.

Gap Year Tourist | Gap Year Tourism

Gap Year Tourist

Gap Year Tourism This is a form of travel in which the tourist’s travel duration is much longer than the normal travel period. The travel period of gap year tourism is at least 6 months and the maximum is 1 year or more. The travel duration is entirely dependent on the traveller.

Gap year travel mostly refers to foreign travel in which if a person is working for a long time in another country then he is also considered as Gap Year Traveler.

Apart from this, backpacking, a career gap, a small gap year, travelling, time out, a sabbatical all come in the gap year journey. Gap year travel is particularly popular among students and youth in England, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, and the Netherlands, and gradually the travel format is becoming popular in other countries of the world.

The Soul Searchers | Solo Travelers

Solo Traveller

Solo journey or soul searcher This is the form of travel in which the main reason for travelling is to find oneself or you can say that one should undertake a journey for oneself in which the traveller can connect himself to that place.

Sole travellers or soul-searchers are mostly in the search of a tourist place which is visited by very few tourists and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so these people like to visit the natural places.

Such travellers like to spend a long time in places like the mountains, the banks of the river, and if they like the place, then they stay in that a place for many days and they like to visit such places again and again when they get the chance.

Sports Tourist | Sports Tourism

Sports Tourist

If you want to understand sports tourist or sports tourism in an easy language, then I would say that it is to be taken to participate in a sports competition or to go to the sports competition.

Sports tourism has been growing very fast for some time now, the organizers of sports or companies that invest money in sports, all of them want that more and more spectators come to watch sports, hence the promotion of sports-related. is done.

To make travel related to sports tourism easier and attract more and more tourists to your country, all countries also simplify the process of immigration for a limited time. The latest example of this is the recently concluded Cricket World Cup in England.

The City Explorers

The City Explorer

Walking in the beautiful, modern and ancient cities of the world is included in the bucket list of such travellers. During their journey period, such travellers love to see the routines of the people living in the city during the day and walking in the busy market and like to see clubs, malls, and nightlife at night.

Such travellers try to mix with the residents as well. During their journey period, such travellers are very keen about the ancient civilization of the cities and the change in the cities over time in which the residents living there in the present and ancient times They keep trying to know the changes in living conditions closely.

Budget Conscious Tourist

Budget Conscious Tourist

A traveller who spends a limited amount of money during his journey is called a budget-conscious tourist. Such travelers will meet you at all the famous tourist places.

These travelers mostly prefer to stay in a normal hotel, Dharamshala or hostel and use public transport during the journey. If you are thinking that these people skimp during the journey or are unable to enjoy the journey then you are thinking completely wrong.

Their travel expenses are definitely limited but these people know fully how to complete the local transport and travel in less money during the journey, and how to enjoy the whole journey.

The biggest difference between the general tourist and budget-conscious tourists is that the passengers of this category spend money in a very planned manner.

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