Places To Visit In Puri | Puri Tourist Places | Puri Sightseeing
Places To Visit In Puri | Puri Tourist Places | Puri Sightseeing

Places To Visit In Puri | Puri Tourist Places | Puri Sightseeing

20 Places to visit in Puri | Puri Tourist Places | Puri Places to Visit | Puri Sightseeing | Puri Tourism | Part - 02

History of Puri

Puri is a major coastal city in the state of Odisha located in the eastern part of India.  Puri is known as the most prominent religious tourist destination of India due to Sri Jagannath Temple.  Chardham Yatra is considered very important for salvation in the Hindu religion.  One of these Chardhams is Sri Jagannath Temple located in Puri. 

The native and foreign devotees visit Puri throughout the year to have a glimpse of Lord Jagannath enshrined in Shri Jagannath Temple.  At the time of the Rath Yatra organized in June and July, the number of native and foreign devotees reaches Puri in lakhs.  At the time of Rath Yatra, this figure of devotees at times also reaches around 10 lakhs.  

Along with being a world-famous religious tourist destination, Puri is considered one of the oldest cities in India.  There are many ancient monuments and ancient temples in the area around Puri.  Apart from this, tourists also get to see marine wildlife and natural beauty here.  Many ancient temples built in the vicinity of Puri present such a unique example of architecture.  

Even today many architectural experts keep coming here to study these ancient monuments and ancient temples located around Puri.  The beaches of Puri are considered to be one of the cleanest beaches in India.  There are some beaches where you do not get crowded at all.  Apart from a religious tourist spot and clean beaches, the area around Puri is also considered a very rich nature.  

Due to this natural richness, many types of wildlife and migratory birds can also be seen here.  Due to its religious, natural and geographical diversity, lakhs of devotees and tourists from India and abroad like to visit Puri every year.

Bedi Hanuman Temple Puri

Lord Hanuman Ref Image for Bedi Hanuman Temple, Puri, Odisha

The Bedi Hanuman Temple situated on the shores of Puri beach is one of the famous shrines of Puri.  This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, considered the most revered in Hinduism.  Bedi Hanuman Temple is also known as Dariya Mahavir Temple in Puri.  There is a very interesting mythological story behind the name of this ancient temple Bedi Hanuman Temple.  

It is believed that the Dariya Hanuman temple built on the seashore protects Puri from the raging of the sea and somehow prevents the seawater from entering the city.  Once, the god of the sea, Varuna, entered Puri to see Lord Jagannath, and behind him, the seawater also entered the city.  

When the seawater entered the city, due to this, the city of Puri and the Jagannath temple suffered very heavy damage.  The residents of Puri prayed to Lord Jagannath to avoid the outbreak of the sea.  After that Lord Jagannath asked Hanumanji how the seawater entered the temple and the city through him.  

Hanumanji told Lord Jagannath that he had gone to Ayodhya to see Lord Shri Ram and that is why the seawater entered the temple and the city.  On hearing about this uncertain journey of Hanumanji, Lord Jagannath tied his hands and feet with a rope so that he could not leave Puri again and go somewhere else.  

According to the legend, from that time this ancient temple came to be known as Bedi Hanuman Temple.  The idol of Hanumanji installed in the home of the Bedi Hanuman temple has sweets in the left hand and a mace in the right hand.  On the exterior of the temple, there are statues of many deities of Hinduism.  

The idol of Anjani, the mother of Hanumanji, is also built on the wall of the western part of the temple, in which she is cradling a small child in her lap.  An idol of Ganesha is also built on the wall of the southern part of the temple.  

Hanuman Jayanti, Pan Sankranti and Rama Navami festival are celebrated prominently in Bedi Hanuman Temple.  Devotees can visit the Bedi Hanuman Temple from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.  The entry fee to the temple has been fixed at Rs 5 per person.

Shilpgram Puri

Patachitra Paintings at Raghurajpur Craft Village, Puri, Odisha

If you are an art lover, then you must visit the Raghurajpur Shilp village, situated in a small town named Jagannathballava, 11 kilometres from Puri.  Local and world-famous folk art of Odisha is very famous for the paintings of Pattachitra.  Due to this, this small town located near Puri is the main centre of attraction for art lovers.  

Raghurajpur is also the first craft village in Odisha, in 2000 Raghurajpur was recognized as the first craft village in Odisha.  Raghurajpur is also the birthplace of the famous and legendary Odissi dancer Kelucharan Mahapatra of India.  In the village of Shilp, paintings of different types of painting are displayed on handmade cloth, paper and dried palm leaves.  

Apart from this, the village of Raghurajpur is also very famous for Pattachitra painting and Gotipua dance troupe.  There are many types of trees like palm, mango, coconut tree and jack fruit in the craft village of Raghurajpur.  Most of the craft village is decorated with frescoes.  This craft village looks very beautiful due to its natural environment and the decoration of the murals.  

Crafts are found in the village to see Tusser paintings, stone carvings, wood carvings, palm carvings and facets etc. made of handicrafts.  The throne of Lord Jagannath is decorated traditionally in the craft village of Raghurajpur during the Rath Yatra.  In Shilp village, the festival of spring is celebrated with great enthusiasm.  

The spring festival is held every year in February and March.  At the time of the spring festival, most of the tourists visit the craft village.  Art lovers and tourists can visit the Shilp village from 10:00 am to 03:00 pm.  No entry fee is charged in the craft village.

Pipli Village Puri

Shops At Pipli Village, Puri, Odisha | Click on Image For Credits

Pipli village, located about 38 kilometres from Sabse Puri is the most suitable and most famous place to buy hand-made coloured clothing materials in Odisha.  The local artisans in Pippali village use the most traditional and old handicraft art of Odisha.  Knowing the local handicraft of Odisha, Pipli village was constructed to provide a suitable business opportunity to the artisans.  

In the beginning, only umbrellas, banners and canopies etc. were prominently constructed at the time of festivals organized here by local artists.  Over time, the popularity of Pipli village here increased and the artisans working here started making many types of household items.  

Various types of designs are made on the clothes to be prepared in Pipli village.  Animals, flowers, small pieces of clothes, embroidery and natural scenes of the village are made on these clothes.  A variety of household and personal use items made from clothes can be purchased from Pipli village such as wallets, lampshades, bags, pouches and garden umbrellas etc.  

There are many shops in the village from which you can buy clothes made of ikat, bomkai, silk and cotton.  Apart from clothes, gift items, jewellery etc. can also be purchased in Pipli.  Pipli village near Puri is one of the most famous and scenic spots for the ancient handicrafts of Odisha.

Konark Puri

Konark Sun Temple, Konark

Konark is a small town located 35 km from Puri.  Konark is identified by the world-famous ancient Sun Temple.  Because of this ancient Sun Temple, this small city is more known as Konark Sun Temple.  Situated near the Bay of Bengal, this Sun Temple is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India.  

The Sun Temple was constructed using black stone during the reign of the then King Narasimha Dev I. Because of this the Sun Temple is also known as Black Pagoda.  The architecture of the Sun Temple resembles the chariot of the god Surya described in mythological books.  In 1984, UNESCO also granted the Sun Temple the status of World Heritage Site.  

At present, most of the Sun Temple at Konark has turned into ruins.  Most of the idols located in the temple have been preserved in the Sun Temple Museum.  The Archaeological Survey of India has the responsibility of operating the museum and maintaining the Sun Temple.  

Konark has many ancient temples and beaches for tourists besides the Sun Temple.  Apart from temples and beaches, Konark Dance Festival organized every year in Sun Temple is also a major centre of tourist attraction.  Click on the given link to get more information about Konark.

Beleshwar Beach Puri

Baleshwar Sun Temple, Puri, Odisha | Ref Image

The Beleshwar beach on the Bay of Bengal is considered to be one of the quietest and cleanest beaches in Odisha.  This beach is located about 17 km from Puri at a place named Beleshwar.  Because of the place named Beleshwar, this beach is known as Beleshwar beach or Baleshwar beach.  

Beleshwar beach is considered to be one of the most famous beaches in Puri.  The view is very beautiful when the Nuanai River flowing near the Baleshwar beach falls into the Bay of Bengal.  On one side of the beach, there is a clean and blue sea.  

And the dense trees on the other side of the beach add to the beauty of this place.  There is also an ancient Shiva temple named Beleshwar Mahadev, located near the Beleshwar beach.  Thousands of devotees visit this ancient Shiva temple during Mahashivaratri to see Lord Shiva.

Chandrabhaga Beach Puri

Chandrabhaga Beach, Puri | Ref Image

The distance from Chandrabhaga beach to Puri is just 27 kilometres and the distance from Konark to this is only 5 kilometres.  Chandrabhaga beach is considered to be one of the major and most beautiful beaches of Puri and Konark.  Locals also know Chandrabhaga beach as Konark beach.  

This beach is named Chandrabhaga beach because of the Chandrabhaga river found in the Bay of Bengal.  The colour of the soil of the beach is white, tourists visiting this beach spend most of their time sunbathing and watching the sunset in blue water.  Chandrabhaga beach is considered to be the most prominent tourist destination of Puri and Konark.  

There is also an old lighthouse on this beach which attracts the attention of all the tourists who come here.  A seven-day fair is organized every year on the 7th full moon in the month of Magh according to the Hindu calendar on the Konark beach.  Residents call this seven-day fair as Magh Saptami Fair.  

Devotees who come to the beach at the time of the fair take a dip in the seawater on the Chandrabhaga beach and worship the Sun God.  This fair is a major centre of attraction for residents and tourists.

Flamingo At Chilika Lake, Puri | Ref Image

The world-famous Chilika Lake is India’s first and second-largest saltwater lake in the world. This lake is located about 37 km from Puri. There are many small big islands on Chilka Lake spread over 1100 square kilometres, which makes this lake even more attractive. 

The life of the fishermen of the village around the lake depends on the fishes found in the lake. In the winter season, many migratory birds come to Chilka Lake to spend their winter vacation. Chilka Lake is a saltwater lake, but during the rainy season, this lake becomes a sweet water lake for some time. 

The Chilka Lake is also the world’s largest flamingo breeding colony. In 1981, Chilika Lake was given the status of Ramsar site by the Government of India. It is the first saltwater lake in India to achieve this feat. Apart from migratory birds, wildlife animals are also found in the area around this lake. 

Apart from all this, the aquatic life of the lake is also very rich. Apart from wildlife, tourists can also enjoy boat rides in the lake. An ancient temple is also built near Chilka Lake. This ancient temple is dedicated to Goddess Kaljai, residents know this temple as Kaljai Temple. 

In this temple, the day of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great pomp. Click on the link given for complete information about Chilka Lake Sanctuary.

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