Amer Fort Jaipur | Amer Fort Timing | Amer Fort Entry Fee | Amer Fort
Amer Fort Jaipur | Amer Fort Timing | Amer Fort Entry Fee | Amer Fort

Amer Fort Jaipur | Amer Fort Timing | Amer Fort Entry Fee | Amer Fort

Things to do in Amer Fort, Jaipur | Visiting Timing | Entry fees | Amer Fort Travel Guide | Amer Fort Jaipur| Amer Fort History

The magnificent Amer Fort, built in four parts, is still the most famous tourist destination of Jaipur. The original Amer Fort was founded by Meena ruler Alan Singh in 967 AD and then in 1592 AD, Kachwaha Rajput King Sawai Mansingh took over this fort.

Ever since Sawai Mansingh, only the Kachhwaha Rajput kings have ruled the Amer Fort. At present, the basic form of Amer Fort is visible to you. The fort is built on the remnants of the Amer Fort built by the Meena rulers. After Sawai Mansingh, almost all the Kachhwaha Rajput rulers have contributed to the construction of the Amer Fort. And among them, the name of Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of Jaipur city is the most named.

The Amer Fort built of red sandstone is a very beautiful example of Hindu architecture. Local people and some historians also call this fort by the name of Amer Fort.

Amer Fort Jaipur

Things To Do in Amer Fort Jaipur

Amer Fort Travel Guide

Tourists enter Amer Fort from Suraj Pol (Sun Gate) and if tourists are going to the fort by any vehicle, then the fort can also be entered from the gate built in the west direction. With the entry of Amer Fort, the tourist first reaches Jaleb Chowk.

In Jaleb Chowk itself, ticket counters and other offices remain to see the fort. Tourists can also take audio guides or guides of the fort from the ticket counter itself. There is a staircase for tourists to enter the fort from near the ticket counter. Shiladevi’s temple is built on the right side before entering the fort, (if you only have to visit the temple then no ticket of any kind. Have to buy).

After visiting Shiladevi, you enter the main fort. The view of Mawtha Lake from Amer Fort also seems very beautiful. The Amer Fort has been constructed in four parts which are known as Diwan-i-Aam, Sukh Mandir (Sukh Niwas), Sheesh Mahal and Kaiser Kyari.

Kesar Kyari Garden Amer Fort

Kesar Kyari Amer Fort Jaipur
Kesar Kyari, situated in the central part of Lake Mawtha, situated at the bottom of Amer Fort, is a very beautiful garden. It is said that saffron flowers were planted in the Kesar Kyari so that the air flowing from the Mawtha lake enters the fort, then the fragrance of saffron should spread all around in the fort, which is why this small garden was named as Saffron Kyari.
Presently, due to the geographical condition of Jaipur, it is not possible to plant saffron plants in saffron beds. The garden has been constructed in the shape of stars and the local administration has planted a variety of beautiful flower varieties in the saffron bed.

Diwan-e-Aam Amer Fort

Diwan-A-Aam Amer Fort Jaipur
Located inside the Diwan-i-Aam Fort, this building used to be a public auditorium. All kinds of public meetings held in the Amer Fort were held in Diwan-i-Am. This building is a very large auditorium with carved pillars on both sides. This auditorium is open from three sides, adorned with magnificent art of mosaic glass.
The king used to sit in the middle of Diwan-i-Aam and used to listen to the problems and questions of his subjects and used to meet all the important guests who came to the fort in this auditorium. The Raja used to take all kinds of administrative meetings and political decisions with his ministers related to the Amer Fort and the Amer State, in this Diwan-i-Aam.

Sukh Mandir (Sukh Niwas) Amer Fort

Sukh Mandir Aamer Fort Jaipur
The Sukh Mandir is also situated in front of the Diwan-i-Aam which is also called Sukh Niwas. Ivory and sandalwood have been used for the construction of the Sukh Mandir. The Sukh Temple used to be the residence of the king and queen, so to keep this most important part of the Amer Fort cool, the walls were constructed in such a way that the water of Sukh Niwas used to continuously flow in the summer season.
The climate of Sukh Niwas was fully air-conditioned during the summer season. During the summer season, the king and queen preferred to spend most of their time in this building, hence it was named Sukh Mandir.

Sheesh Mahal Jaipur Amer Fort

Sheesh Mahal Amer Fort Jaipur

Sheesh, Mahal is the most beautiful part of the Amer Fort. In 1623, Sawai Jai Singh constructed this beautiful building with forty pillars and made of millions of glass pieces to welcome his distinguished guests. A story related to the construction of Sheesh Mahal is very interesting. It is said that the king’s queen liked to sleep under the stars in the open sky, but due to the social situation of that time or it can be said that women could not be allowed to sleep in the open due to customs.

At that time, the king built the Sheesh Mahal with the best architects of Amer to please his queen. Even today, if a person sees a candle burning in the Sheesh Mahal, it seems that millions of stars are flickering together in the sky.

Amer Fort Light Show and Sound Show

Amer Fort Night View Jaipur

The light and sound show that takes place every night at Amer  Fort has a different identity today. The local administration has been organizing the show for almost 10 years. The Amer Fort bathed in colourful lights at night and when the audience listens to the glorious history of the 600 years old Amer Fort with a spectacular light and sound show, everyone who sees and hears it stands tall.

The show, which runs for about 52 minutes, can be watched by the audience sitting in a saffron bed. Light and sound shows can be heard only in the English language during Navratri at Amer Fort. If you are going to see the light and sound show, then arrive at least 25 minutes before. Keep in mind that videography and photography of light and sound shows are banned at Amer Fort.

Amer Fort Light & Sound Show Timing

Puppet Amer Fort Jaipur



Show Language        English

Show Language Hindi

October to February

                  06:30 PM

                07:30 PM

March to April

                  07:00 PM

                08:00 PM

May to September

                  07:30 PM

                08:30 PM

Amer Fort Light & Sound Show Entry Fee

Amer Fort Light & Sound Show Entry Fee :- 300/-INR Per Person

Program duration: – 52 minutes

Vehicle Parking Fee: – 40 / – INR

Activities in Amer Fort - Things To Do in Amer Fort

The Amer Fort is open all week and is open to tourists from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. A lot of activities are organized in the morning and evening in the fort to attract tourists. For more information on Amer Fort and any kind of assistance in the fort- you can be contacted on 0141-2530293.
01- Tourists can enjoy elephant ride in Amer Fort. Elephant rides are available from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. The fee for tourists for elephant ride has been fixed at INR 1100 / -.
02- Amer Fort can also be seen from golf carts. 50 / – INR has been set for a single ride in a golf cart and if tourists book the entire golf cart, then INR 300 / – will have to be paid. The duration of the ride is 1 hour.
03- In the evening, seeing Amer Fort in colourful light also provides a wonderful experience.
04- Classical music program is organized in the evening in Sukh Niwas located in Amer Fort. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket counter to watch the concert of classical music.
05- Restaurants have also been made for tourists in Amer Fort. The restaurant has a slightly higher meal rate than typical restaurants.
06- A turban museum has also been built in the fort. The museum displays a turban worn in Rajasthani surroundings. Entry to the museum is kept free for tourists.
07- The art gallery in Amer Fort is also housed in pictures made by different artists of the country. If you like, tourists can buy photos from the Art Gallery.
08- The famous folk art puppet show of Rajasthan is also organized in Amer Fort, and in the evening there are also programs of folk music.

Amer Fort Timings

Morning 09:00 AM to Evening 06:00 PM

Amer Fort Entry Fee

Foreign tourists – INR 550 / – per person
Foreign Students – INR 100 / – per student
Indian Tourist – INR 50 / – per person
Indian Students – INR 10 / – per student

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